Learn to fly

The SeaMax aircraft can be registered as an ultralight flying machine in all the major EU countries
and can be operated simply with a microlight pilot license.
In the United States the Seamax passed all the technical requirements and obtained the LSA Certification.
In Italy, thanks to the new legislation effective since the 20th of November 2010, the Seamaster is
classified in the cathegory of the ADVANCED ULM aircrafts.
The possibility of being equipped with transponder and radio devices for aeronautical communications allows 
this aircraft the use of almost every airport in the world for landing and taking off.

The SeaMax organization can provide, together with the purchase, a full comprehensive training course
which will allow the customer to master it in the case should he be at his first flying experience.
If instead, the customer already has his flying license, but needs to exstend it to the amphibian flying, 
we can address him to an Italian certified school (the AeC) which, with certified instructors, will be able 
to put both the aircraft and its pilot in the conditions to meet all the legal and safety requirements.

Our organization can provide all the necessary maintenance and repair and after sale services which might
be required. ROTAX, the engine manufacturer Company, has a worldwide network organization for
the service and maintenance of his products.

In conclusion, for the ease of its drivability, maintenance and
recovery, the SEAMAX is unique and the best choice.  



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Sea Max is the perfect amphibious for every situation,

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