Aircraft specifications


Stunning performance
The biggest flight envelope is the amphibious category. Cruising speed at 115 mph and stall speed at 36 mph.
Landing and take-off on short distances, both in case of land and water. Easy handling of the flight controls.

Advanced technology
State-of-the-art technology, using composite materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar.
Superior wing design to offer maximum performance during amphibious operations. Electromechanical landing gear.
It will take about 9 second to retract the landing gear.

Besides the possibility of landing on water and on conventional runways the versatility of the operation enables landing
on water and taxiing to land and vice versa. The amphibious characteristics of the Seamax do not diminish
its performance as a conventional airplane.

Safety of the operation
There are numerous landing options at your disposal. Low stall speed - 36 mph. Trustworthy Rotax engine; the monocoque
fuselage made out of composite materials provides structural reliability.

The Seamax is prepared for the installation of a ballistic parachute. This parachute is complete and in case of extreme necessity
leads to land the complete aircraft, ensuring the safety of the occupants.

Spacious cockpit that comfortably accommodates the pilot and a passenger; adjustable seats. Long flights without tiredness,
thanks to the ergonomic layout of the cabin. Exceptional visibility, offering safety and comfort.








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